We have been making cider now for over 15 years and have never had a problem. Three things that we do to ensure its quality are:

1 ) Very thorough cleaning of equipment before and after processing, cleaning of fruit before being processed.

2) Periodic checks of our products, done by the Health Unit and Agriculture Canada.

3) Use of apples hand picked from the tree; we never use windfalls to make our cider.

New for this year is our Cider Sure process. It is a safe alternative to pasteurization for apple cider. It is a fully automatic cider treatment system which uses the latest in germicidal Ultra violet technology and computer controls. It is approved by Health Canada to kill any harmful bacteria. Ultra violet treatment has been used for bottled drinking water for the past 25 years. Unlike pasteurization, ultra violet treatment does not heat the cider so the taste of the cider is not changed. We now are able to provide a safer product that will continue to taste like the cider your have grown to love.

We hope that you enjoy the taste of our cider whether you prefer to drink it hot or cold. You can pick some up at our farm market or your local grocery store. Just check for the Delhaven Orchards Ltd. label.

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